3-Step Skincare System

The secret behind Glissandra™ is steeped in ancient Chinese traditions for preserving youth. Together, the Serum, Face Cream and Eye Cream blend nature and science to improve skin health and make you look and feel more radiantly beautiful.

Suggested Retail: $440 US $550 CDN

Restorative Serum

Intensely effective, this highly concentrated formulation combats the visible signs of aging to uncover miraculously youthful skin. Significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and tighten loose skin while restoring essential moisture.

Suggested Retail: $220 US $275 CDN

Age-Renewal Face Cream

Powerful ingredients work synergistically in this lightweight, moisturizing face cream. With Glissandrin™ and advanced Matrixyl 3000™ at its core, this vigorous firming therapy replenishes moisture for a clear, fresh-looking complexion.

Suggested Retail: $150 US $188 CDN

Rejuvenating Eye Cream

Counter the appearance of puffiness, sagging skin and dark circles in the delicate eye area with remarkable results. Clinically proven ingredients Glissandrin,™ Eyeliss™ and Haloxyl™ smooth the eye contour for more youthful, radiant skin.

Suggested Retail: $103 US $129 CDN


  • GSF

    The secret behind GSF are 3 ancient Chinese herbs; Schisandra (Schisandria chinensis, Fruit), Suoyang (Cynomorium songaricum, Stem), and Desert Cistanche (Cistanche deserticola, Stem). Our proprietary formula helps to keep our body's power generators (mitochondria in our cells) in optimal shape, supporting the power generating capacity and providing the needed fuel and protectant for efficient power generation (uncoupling factor), leading to improved power supply (energy metabolism) and reduced pollutant production (free radicals). This helps  the proper functioning of all organs in the body (which is energy driven) with minimal adverse effect (caused by free radicals). GSF is not a drug. It is a dietary supplement supporting the proper functioning of the mitochondria.
    Suggest Retail: $100 US $125 CDN